Hi, my name is Kristy. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to stop by. Let me introduce myself and share with you my story.

I was born and raised in Northern Idaho. My parents moved us west to the Washington coast where I finished school, got married and had my own children. I was a young mom of 3 boys and an active person. Back packing, biking, running etc. But all of that came to a screeching halt the fall of 1996. I had been experiencing some digestive issues and sought out help. There wasn’t much talk about Probiotics or gluten intolerance at that time. I saw specialist after specialist and had many tests, procedures and was given a plethora of medications, but instead of getting better, I got worse and one day my digestive system stalled and wouldn’t work. after 2 years of hospital visits my physician had suggested I have my digestive tract removed. I would be left with a stomach and a colostomy bag. I couldn’t believe this was the only answer for me. I thought if my body could heal itself on the outside, why not the inside? I decided not to go with the surgery and instead, got a computer and started researching.I discovered the years I spent on antibiotics may have contributed to my condition as well as my diet. My diet of pre-packaged, manufactured food and food like substances.

Having a computer opened up a whole new world to me. I started juicing and taking a quality Probiotc, as well as changing the way I looked at food. I was bound and determine to get myself better. I snagged books like Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions, The Makers Diet and the Great Physicians RX, plus many more.

My mother did very little to teach me how to cook, she only showed me a few kitchen skills. Thank God for YouTube. I started playing and practicing with different flavor combinations. Pairing sweet and savory, combining vegetables and fruit, roasting, blanching, poaching, grilling etc. there was nothing I wasn’t going to try. I bought books and watched videos on cooking, bread making and baking. I started making some fantastic non-traditional meals. I got my boys involved in the kitchen preparing those meals as well. We all had so much fun, and I have to say, those are some of the most meaningful memories I have today. And to this day, all the boys LOVE to cook! In fact one is a chef!

I had changed my whole mindset about Health and Wellness and in turn, changed my life. Because of all the research I was doing, I became part of an online community of individuals and organizations in the health and wellness fields. I would get articles and emails regularly. One of these emails in 2001 mentioned something about toxins in our body care and cosmetic products. I read how there were no federal regulations on what companies can use in their products and we use. I started researching and its true! There are more regulations on pet food in the US than on cosmetic and body care products. Many of the chemicals the companies use are toxic! Carcinogenics, endocrine disruptors and more. Why didn’t I know this? I felt lied to and tricked. So I started buying expensive “natural” products. Then discovered many of these so called natural/organic products were just as bad. So I learned to read labels. Just because something says “natural” on the front doesn’t mean it is. (This is called green washing and it happens with food TOO!). Because of this knowledge, I became an advocate for a truly natural body care company and started giving lectures and seminars on living non-toxic to help educate others about the dangers.

In 2009 my husband and I bought a farm. We started raising our own organic free range chickens, some dairy goats and planted a huge organic garden that paired well with the orchard. The farm fit in well with my new life style and job where I was working at a farm store nursery and at a local health club as a fitness instructor. I would talk with people and share with them what I was learning or had learned. People seemed truly interested and I wanted to help them, so I started holding classes out of my farm house. Classes were varied. Bread making, canning, making soap, cooking and much more. The classes started with like 5 gals, but within a couple months had grown to 30ish. Some of the ladies wanted me to make the products for them and they would buy the items from me, so I did. Soon I had businesses and stores asking me for my products. In a relatively short time, my farm house was no longer a house, but a manufacturing facility and lecture hall. LOL After about 3 years my husband told me I either needed to go get a building or stop doing what I was doing. Well, of course I wasn’t stopping and I bought a building and started holding classes and making product from there.

But I also love cooking, not just cooking, but preparing nutritious, delicious, beautifully prepared food. I have been told for years I should open my own restaurant, and I did just that. The business we opened also was a Coffee House and Deli located in Washington state that put out some of the best food around. The Deli became an overnight sensation and I found myself to busy and exhausted to do what I really loved to do, teach and prepare food. So here I am, sharing my love for food and cooking with you. Whether you enjoy plant based recipes or traditional ones I’ve got you covered. My husband and I adopted a whole foods plant based diet in 2019, so the recipes I share can be tailored to either one of them. Plus I give you information, tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Life brings changes, but my passion for food and living healthy has not changed. I am furthering my education and knowledge base, by going back to school and will soon have my own Health & Wellness business in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. And hopefully maybe do some personal chef venues or catering events. But till then, it’s you and Me, so LET”S GET COOKING!


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